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Quality grass-fed beef from Wingate, North Carolina.



We raise 100% grass-fed cattle in a healthy and happy environment. This makes our beef exceptionally tender without unhealthy fat. Contact us to order beef by the pound, the side, or the whole steer.

Our mission

We believe that sustainable agriculture can produce affordable, healthy food. Our pasture grass is chemical free, our drinking water is from a 350' deep well, and our farm life is stress-free. All steers are born and raised in one happy place.

Buying beef

Beef comes in many cuts, mainly categorized as ground beef, steak, stewing beef and roasts. While our beef is a premium product, we make it very affordable. Customers need not debate between our beef and fatty feedlot beef.


Bob Zielinski and Matthew Laney manage the ranch, along with Boomer the cattle dog. Our daily chore is to open the gate to the next pasture and let the herd rotate to a fresh field. 


Wingate Ranch is 200 acres of rolling pastures, forests and ponds located in Wingate, NC just south of Charlotte. It has been in operation as a ranch since 1988, though our operation only began in 2014.  


All of the beef we sell comes from cattle born and raised on the ranch. We do not buy steers from other farmers to fatten up (referred to as "finishing") prior to slaughter. Most of our herd is Black Angus. 

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