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Buying Beef & Prices

A steer may end life at 1,000 pounds, but after its head, legs and innards are removed, the "hanging weight" may be only 560 pounds. Cold aging of the beef for two weeks helps tenderize it, but also shrinks it. When processed and packaged, one is left with 420 pounds of meat. Contact us for more information on buying beef.

Whole Steer: $1500

Side of Beef: $750

Tenderloin (Filet Mignon): $15/lb

Rib Eye Steak (Bone-In): $12/lb

New York Strip Steak: $12/lb

Flank Steak: $11/lb

Sirloin Steak/Top Sirloin Steak: $11/lb

Flat Iron Steak: $10/lb

Skirt Steak: $10/lb

Round Steak: $9/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast: $8/lb

London Broil: $7/lb

Chuck Roast: $7/lb

Rump, Shoulder Roast: $7/lb

Stew Beef: $6/lb

Ground Beef: $4/lb

Brisket: $7/lb

Short Ribs: $8/lb

Beef Liver: $3/lb

Marrow Bones: $3/lb

Soup Bones: $2/lb

Beef Shank: $6/lb

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