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The Herd

All the beef we sell comes from animals born and raised on our ranch. We do not buy steers from other farmers to fatten up (referred to as "finishing") before slaughter. This allows us to maintain the highest quality beef and assure customers that our cattle is 100% grass-fed. Our cattle is not exposed to disease from outside sources or from stressful "road trips". 

black angus

Most of our herd is Black Angus, although in late 2016 we purchased three pretty Hereford heifers to add some variety.


Although Bob is certified in artificial insemination techniques, we prefer to produce calves the natural way with our bull. Our bull is rather docile, fathering gentle but lively calves. 

Our bull


calving season

Owing to the hot summers and mild winters found in Union County, we follow the local convention of having our calving season in the fall. From September through November our baby calves are born on the ranch, normally without incident. When we find a new calf in the pasture, we tag and check it immediately. For safety reasons (and because a calf can run like a deer), we sometime employ a calf catcher attached to an ATV.  

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